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2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

                                                      Let's Give Thanks for Books!
November is National Picture Book Month. What better way to celebrate reading and Thanksgiving than by looking at books with your family. Here are two lists that show some really good books about Thanksgiving.

Social Media: The use of technology has exploded in the past decade which can be a good thing. It’s the way our world is going and growing. Using social media is a regular part of life for most young people. While social media can be enjoyable and beneficial there are risks.

In our library lessons, we learn and discuss about digital citizenship, media literacy, and safety. These lessons, based on Common Sense Media, discuss different aspects for each grade level. Digital citizenship involves using the internet and social media in a responsible and acceptable way to create a positive experience.  In my discussions with the students, I have learned about different apps and websites they use for social media.

Recently I ran across some articles about the risks of the different apps with young children. I want to share these articles with you, the first and most important teacher in our students’ lives.


Commonsense Media- great resource


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